Premium Magnetic Paper 400 micron, quality print on Xerox iGEN 5 - Web2Print’s world chooses PaperMag 400

A revolutionary and innovative product developed for an European customer leader in the world of the online printing, PaperMag 400 is the first quality magnetic paper printed on Digital Press Printers in high print run.

PaperMag 400 it’s tested and proven for direct print on Xerox iGen 4 and 5, but also on Konika Minolta Digital Press C 8000. The quality paper support guarantees an excellent graphic result thank to the Premium Paper 120 gr.

The magnetic paper PaperMag 400 is produced with a cutting tolerance of +/- 1 mm, thickness tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm and dimension of 330*480mm (if required we can produce every dimension with a MOQ of 10.000 sheets).

Developed with SpeedPrinter issued by Bassi Group International, the magnetic side is not activated. This new technology allows sheets to not couple each other during the downloading fase. For this reason the printing is made directly on the magnetic paper 400 micron with Digital Press Printer, without any obstruction problem or Paper Jam.

RollMag is the first magnetic films’ activator roll by Bassi Group International, proposed with a practical handle in the manual version. It’s enough passing it on  the magnetic surface to activate it permanently.

PaperMag 400 is the magnetic paper with 400 micron of thickness, ideal to realize photos and magnetic cards, magnetic calendars, magnetic invitations and celebration cards , magnetic promotional.

Thanks to this innovative product, our customer leader in the Web2Print world print daily on Xerox iGen 5 more than 5.000 magnetic sheets PaperMag 400.  The results are quality magnetic photos and magnetic cards for customers in the entire Europe.

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