Neodymium injected magnets  are realized by injection moulding of plastic and magnetic components. Magnetic components are, in particular, produced by neodymium powders and can reach high magnetic quality: up to 5000 gauss of residual induction (Br) and up to 11500 Oe of coercive force (HcJ).

Neodymium injected magnets have a better corrosion resistance comparing to sintered material. They can reach high temperature (120°C), consequently can be used in many applications without a protective coating.

Compo Tech Co realizes injected magnets in particular for motors, actuators and pumps, application fields in which are requested elevated performances and magnetic qualities, especially with environmental and thermal stress.

One of the main quality of plasto-magnets is the wide types of moulding that injection process can offer; that is why those magnets can be joined with plastic inserts, shafts, linchpins, gears and others functional elements.

With a production capacity of 10 millions of pieces per month and 20 injection moulding lines, Compo Tech Co is expert in magnetic application for motors, actuators and pumps.


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