Compo Tech Co. : More than meets the eye.

Our vision

Change the world of industry, improving potential through magnetic technology. 

Our mission

Develop and provide magnetic solutions and services that fully comply with our customers' requirements. Magnetic technology must guarantee: long life, precision, safety, resistance, speed, convenience, reliable attachment properties, physical well-being.

Compo Tech Co. has chosen to focus its attention on five business targets: the automation industry, the sensor industry, fastening systems for various materials, visual communication and physical wellness.

Our main values

Compo Tech Co.: The Magneto People!

PASSION – Teamwork is encouraged and supported in every aspect of our organisation.

RESPONSIBILITY – Continuous improvement in every activity.

QUALITY – Prevention of mistakes rather than cure.

INTEGRITY – Ethics and reciprocal trust on every business level.

SERVICE – We offer our customers advice in the choice of the best magnetic solution, from the design stage right through to prototyping.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – Products and solutions designed to guarantee that our magnets offer maximum reliability in every sector. Magnetic specifications and performance are controlled during the design and production phases.

TECHNOLOGY – Development of new magnet production technologies to guarantee our customers the best product for their application.

ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – We care about the environment around us. For this reason, all Compo Tech Co. products are made of 100% recyclable materials.

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