Home automation chooses the accuracy of the magnetic sensor multipole Compo Tech Co.

For an Italian company of the automation industry, Compo Tech Co has created a multi-pole magnetic ring for sensor developed to improve the accuracy of doors and gates opening, creating a custom product perfectly implemented in the actual motor. The customer’s requirement was to improve the precision of automated systems, starting from a commercial electric motor purchased by a third party on which assembly the magnetic sensor. Compo Tech Co. has focused on the design and implementation of an innovative ring magnetic multipole sensor in neodymium that could adapt perfectly to the existing motor. So in this way the company was able to improve their products without disrupting production. The Compo Tech Co. sensor is a magnetic ring 48 poles for sensor which controls, with pinpoint accuracy, the opening angle of the automated system. It is a Nm-42SH made in sintered neodymium, the ring has a thickness of 3.5 mm, a bore diameter of 18 mm and a pole-pole distance of 5 mm. Thanks to a very limited expense, our client was then able to solve a precise problem by adapting a commercial product to his needs and putting on the market a more advanced, precise and powerful system. Compo Tech is able to design and produce sensors or guides for the needs of small and large companies.

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