Ceramics' hall exhibitions: more versatile and economic with magnetic technology MagFace

Bassi Group International srl cooperates more often with companies that have the need to maintain updated their showroom. Without spending too much, and above all, quickly. thanks to MagFace technology it’s possible to create completely branded space in just minutes and with a very limited expense. We know that very often changing a showroom equipment involves a real building site in areas affected by restructuring: in addition to the high cost of restyling that means having an exhibition area unusable for very long time. This is why many companies have embraced the MagFace magnetic system that allows you to create a versatile space to set up and decomission in minutes with a simple magnetic attacca /stacca. Without ruining any material! Thanks to the MagFace plast and IronFlex every wall and every floor of the showroom can become magnetic: this allows you to lay, resting on, change any coating that becomes magentic – coupled to the thin MagFilm- in few minutes with a huge savings in terms of cost and time. Not only: the magnetic technology can also be used for the exhibition floors and for each material present in the room, such as drawers for display. The method is also functional for very large (and heavy) modules.

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