For a new hotel opening in a prestigious seaside resort, Bassi Group International has worked, supported by the project leader, to the entire pavement in gres.

The final customer has in fact opted for maxi stoneware slabs 300 x 150 cm made magnetic according to the Bassi Group International patent . Each tile has a self-extinguishing edging matched with the color of ceramics. The edging serves to prevent tiles’ splinter during transport and installation, and also serves as a drain, not by passing water or chemical agents contained in detergents.

The ceramic magnetic floor was laid on Metallic Stucco. Metallic stucco, in addition to being equipped with metallic powders that attract the magnetic finishing, is used as a smoothing agent to make the surface smooth and planar.

The self-laying  magnetic system makes ceramics’ lay fast and clean. The magnetic floor is also instantly walkable.

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