Anisotropic injected ferrite magnet with 9 holes for magnetic filters

We have been contacted by a water filter manufacturer company. Customer needed a solution to improve the filtering of impurities inside appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

The solution it was adopting, a simple sintered ferrite ring, presented several issues : magnet in contact with water was oxidized, the material was extremely rigid, unworkable and very fragile.

We have then sampled anisotropic injected magnetic rubber disks, which eliminate the problem of fragility and make the magnet completely waterproof; all at a low cost.

We kept the same dimensions of customer’s disc: 35 mm outer diameter, 5 mm high. What makes our magnet special is the presence of 9 holes, 5 mm in diameter, arranged on the circumference, and one in the middle of the disc with a diameter of 9 mm.

This special processing, unfeasible on sintered magnets, improves the flow of water facilitating the filtering of impurities.

The project involves the production of 2 million discs of ferrite magnetic rubber.


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